Tuesday, 30 September 2014

review: estee lauder enlighten ee skintone corrector

Estee Lauder Enlighten EE Even Effect Skintone Corrector 30ml - £34.00*
(available from October 1st)
I'm trying to avoid doing too many individual beauty product reviews here on Autumn Leaves, but when a product as new and exciting as the Estee Lauder EE cream comes your way, it's hard not to. Some of you may be sat there thinking this whole double letter beauty product thing has gone too far, but not me... I think EE's the best yet. I can't say the same for the phone network with the same name, but from first use this product wowed me. 
EE stands for Even Effect meaning it works to prevent hyper pigmentation and dark spots day and night whilst leaving the skin appearing and feeling even. This corrector is part of a 3 step system including the Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum (£50/£70) and Even Skintone Correcting Creme (£46) but don't get confused between the correcting cream and the corrector though, the corrector's for use as the last step in your morning skincare routine and can be used alone or under foundation. The whole range has been given the name Enlighten, as together it creates luminosity to the skin - I can safely say the corrector is one product that would make even the dullest & driest of skin appear healthy, hydrated and radiant. For me, it looks like such a natural glow that makes me feel really confident when I'm wearing it. It doesn't look oily as it has a satin finish, but it truly makes your skin look like it's glowing from within making it totally wearable for oily/combination skin types.
Texture wise, it's an incredibly light and blendable cream even with just your fingertips. It's not drying, doesn't cling to any dry patches and leaves everything looking and feeling completely smooth. It comes in 3 shades - Light, Medium and Dark but because of the colour correcting pigments within it, this means that it would suit a large range of skin tones. I would say it takes a little bit of work, just make sure everything is even around the jawline/neck but once on it's a real beauty - even minimising the appearance of pores without the need for a primer. Coverage wise it's only light, but of course you could choose to add a foundation on top. Wear time is fabulous too as it still looks as flawless 6 hours after applying even on its' own! Plus to add to my rave about this product it contains SPF30 and Baicalin to help protect skin during the day against pollution and irritants that contribute to the hyper pigmentation and dark spots, and has a really nice, subtle floral scent of Iris, Rose and Muguet amongst other notes. 
Despite not having dark spots or hyper pigmentation, I felt that I wanted to try this because of the colour correcting side (redness is one of my main concerns) but also because of the protection it offers. I'm really glad I did because it's creeping its' way into my top 5 bases for this year already! 
What do you think of the double letter beauty trend?
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Monday, 29 September 2014

the furry friend tag

You'll all agree with me if you have a pet that they become part of the family and that we become incredibly attached to them, no matter what type of pet they are. For me, it's always been dogs that I've loved the most. Over the past 22 and a half years of my life I've had 1 horse, 4 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 2 hamsters, countless fish and 6 dogs. I've also had to look after other horses and even 2 sheep which is a bit random! But dogs, they've always had the biggest place in my heart. 

Pups the pug is my newest addition who's now 2.5 years old - he's the smallest, feistiest dog I've ever owned but also the bravest. You may have read my other posts on him here, here, here and here documenting his journey since I got him at 10 weeks old which hasn't been easy for him or for us. He's had numerous behavioural and medical issues which you wouldn't think from looking at him at all, but he's got through it all with only the tiniest marks to show. There's only tiny scars left on his eyes rather than him losing them altogether, and that's all down to the amazing vets we visited. Vet fees are extortionate, but I can totally understand why each procedure, treatment and medicine costs so much. But in all honesty, if I hadn't had pet insurance then I don't know how I would have been able to afford it, even though I adore that dog. He's had hundreds and hundreds of pounds worth of treatment and that's why I'm a huge believer in paying for something like Argos Pet Insurance as you know it's only the excess that you'll have to pay if something happens to your beloved pet. As I've always been told growing up, "it's better to be safe than sorry"

You may think this post is rather random compared to the usual content on Autumn Leaves, but I really want to start showing you parts of my life and this one's rather special. As something a little bit fun when Pups came round to mine last week to visit and to show you him more than just in photos I decided to film "The Furry Friend Tag"... and well, he was the most well behaved I've ever seen him be (for the majority of it)! Enjoy :)

Disclaimer: This post contains a sponsored link. All words are my own and 100% genuine.
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Sunday, 28 September 2014

new blogs, posts and products #40

In a week where I've had anything and everything wrong with me meaning I've been off work, it's surprisingly been the most productive. I can't sit and do nothing, heck I can't even watch TV without multi-tasking so I got to work on certain aspects of my blog I wanted to change or introduce. There's now an Advertising page here, Featured page here and I'm also mid-way through creating a Product Directory (but back dating it to 2012 is taking some time!). If there's anything else you'd like to see me add to the blog let me know in the comments! I also got through a whole load of blog reading and discovering new ones too so there's plenty of new material for you this week! Don't forget to share your favourites in the comments...

This week I liked: PopCosmo - How To Style Pictures On A White Background // Tea Party Beauty - What's Your Beauty Number? // Sharon The Makeup Artist - How To Combine Colour In Makeup // Into The Gloss - No Dry Shampoo? No Problem // Vivianna Does Makeup - Priming: Eyes, Lips & Face // The Little Magpie - Asos FF Victorian Feature // BritishBeautyBlogger - When PRs Won't Talk! // The Sunday Girl - Sali Hughes: Pretty Honest // GemsMaquillage - Life Hack: Reinforced iPhone Cables // London Beauty Queen - So You Want To Be A Full Time Blogger? // Hello Neverland - Writing A Book: How To Get Started // Caroline Hirons - Ethical Blogging // Jeffbullas Blog - 6 Blogging Mistakes You Need To Fix To Get The Results You Want // Thirteen Thoughts - Photography Tips For Bloggers

This week I followed: Black Latte // Love From Lisa // Blogger Help // Style Affinity // The Beauty Collection // Wilted And Faded // Fox And Arrow // Sophie's Makeup Blog // British Beauty Addict // As Loud As Love // Zipped // Pale Lily // Thirteen Thoughts

This week I've been loving: Estee Lauder Enlighten Even Effect Skintone Corrector in Light* (£34)

This week I've been lusting after: NARS Nail Polish in Fearless (£15)

Who have you followed this week?
What have you been loving/reading/lusting after?
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Saturday, 27 September 2014

september beauty favourites

So, September beauty favourites time. This month its' pretty much all makeup and there's not a whole load of products, but the ones I've included are serious must-haves in my opinion. I think I've found my feet a bit more with YouTube and am starting to feel more comfortable filming videos (ok I'll still only film them when the boyfriend goes to the gym, but I'm getting there!). Watch the video above or click here to watch it on YouTube, enjoy!
What are your September beauty favourites?
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Friday, 26 September 2014

review: anna sui lip and eye color palettes

These are the best palettes I've tried in a long time. Quite a strong opening statement there, but it's true they are. Both have such strong pigmentation, little fall out and fantastic staying power. 

Let's firstly talk about the Eye Color Palette - containing 10 satin, shimmer and glitter finish eyeshadows plus a double ended brush (ok, well only one end is actually useful), there's not a shade in this palette I wouldn't wear. Admittedly I've opted for the pink as a blush rather than a lid colour, but those other shades get worn alone or blended together to create some beautiful twists on your average neutral eye. The black's the most glittery, but still wearable and surprisingly less messy than I would have thought. I like to pop that on with a thin brush as an eyeliner, used wet or dry knowing that it will stay put and not transfer (plus it makes getting that liner effect so much easier). I've definitely got a soft spot for that inner corner highlight shade too which definitely completes the palette. I own single eyeshadows that are more expensive than this palette put together, and if I was you I'd get this on your christmas list now! 

Then moving onto the still wonderful Lip Color Palette, you get a real mix of bold lip colours, a few nudes and a subtle glistening gloss. You'd never imagine from the textures of these that they'd pack such a punch when it comes to colours. It reminds me of those really cheap lip palettes you get when you're younger, but once you pick up the product and apply you know exactly why it wears that price tag. You can either apply heavier using the great lip brush for an amplified creme finish or do as I've done in the photos above and pat it on with your finger for a more daytime appropriate semi-matte finish. Either way, they're incredibly comfortable to wear whilst staying put for 3-5 hours (depending on the shade) too. There's no clinging to dry patches, no bleeding or uneven application - it's a really great option for trying out bolder lip colours whilst knowing you can tone it down with ease if you don't feel confident rocking them. 

So if you're looking for something to buy a beauty loving friend who seems to have everything, want to treat yourself or give someone a suggestion of something you'd like when it comes to "that" time of year... well I strongly recommend either of these! 

What do you think of these palettes?

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

the best drugstore brand (in my opinion)

So this month I got to write an article for Base Magazine Issue 2 (above) which is exciting as it's written by bloggers. They wanted to know which brand I thought deserved to be in the spotlight and of course I chose drugstore brand Bourjois. It's one of those brands where I've tried something from pretty much every make up category so felt I could confidently talk about my favourites. Bourjois have been bringing it over the past year with high quality releases that can totally compete with higher end counterparts. I've done a fair few Bourjois reviews here on Autumn Leaves so they'll give you the jist of what's in the article and why I love it so much!

My Reviews:
Bourjois New Releases // Bourjois So Laque Glossy Nail Enamel // Bourjois Happy Light Primer, Foundation and Concealer // Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara // Bourjois Nail Polish Removers and Instant Dry Nail Drops // Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks // Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder // Bourjois 123 Perfect CC and CC Eye Cream // Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish // Bourjois Colour Boost Glossy Lipstick // Bourjois Cream Blushes // Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum and Rouge Edition Lipstick // Bourjois Blush Exclusif

The digital version of the magazine costs £3 or the print for £12 (as it's printed upon request). Issue 2 is packed full of tutorials, tips, recommended products and seasonal themed articles and can be bought here (you can find my article on pages 24-25). 

Whilst posting this I also wanted to let you know about the Featured page that I've now added to my blog which you'll find here (or at the top under the header). Here you'll find all of my guest posts, magazine articles, quotes and more. I'll of course be adding to this so check back regularly to see the work that I've done. I'm really enjoying starting to guest post so if you've got an idea for a post that you'd like me to write then email me here as I'd be happy to discuss, whether you're a blogger or brand. 
Have you ever read Base Magazine?
Which is your favourite drugstore brand?
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

not just your typical blogging tips (the ultimate guide)

After a last minute requirement of change for today's blog post, I've decided to put together a list of all of the blogging tips, tricks and advice that I've written here on Autumn Leaves. You'd find the majority of it under the "Advice/Tips" label over in the sidebar if you didn't already know, but in there you'd find a mix of other posts too, so here's the ultimate guide to blogging!
Useful Websites For Bloggers
Useful Sites For New And Established Bloggers #2
Useful Sites For New And Established Bloggers #3
Useful Websites For Beauty Lovers
How To Back Up Your Blog On Blogger
Opening Up About Blogging
Things Most Bloggers Won't Admit To
Useful Free Apps For Bloggers
Reasons To Love Your Alarm App As A Blogger
30 Truths About Blogging
Don't Feel Guilty
Tips For Organising Your Blog Photos
When And What Are The Twitter Blog Chats?
Sorting Social Media
It's For The Blog, That's The Justification
Lists Are A Blogger's Best Friend
Blogging Vs A Full Time Job Or Studying
So You Want To Email A PR Company?
50 Post Ideas For When You've Got Beauty Bloggers Block
Staying Motivated
Being A (Temporary) Full Time Blogger
A UK Bloggers Guide To Customs Charges (And Working With Brands Abroad)
A Bloggers Guide To Google AdWords (Paid And Non-Paying)
A Bloggers Quick Guide To Search Engine Optimisation
Tips For A Beauty Blogger
A Bloggers Guide To Google+
NoFollow Or Follow Links? What, When And How
How I Use Printables To Stay Organised
How I Build And Maintain Relationships With PR Companies And Brands
How I Plan Each Blog Post
10 Things You Can Do To Make Your Blog Better
What I Like On A Blog
Blogging On A Budget
Things To Think About Before Having A Blog Sale
Ten Things To Think About When Holding A Blog Giveaway
How I Get And Stay Organised - Blog/Work/Life

Are there any blogging type posts you'd like me to do?
Which one(s) did you find most useful?
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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

tutorial: one grip twist on a classic ponytail hairstyle

I'm not a hair tied up girl, but more often than not I have to have it styled that way at work. But the classic, sleek ponytail isn't one that suits me so I've revamped it to fit with the beachy/textured waves that I often opt for. There's only one thing required - a hair grip (I use the Boots Essentials Blonde Blending Hair Grips). Simply let the hair fall to one side and begin twisting the back of the hair inwards (towards the head) from the opposite side - leaving a section of hair loose to be the 'ponytail'. Then wrap the twisted part around the loose part around the outside, then tuck it inwards and under the twisted hair securing with a grip (or more if you need one). It doesn't have to be neat, and it's perfect when you want to get your hair out of your way but don't have a hairband. So quick and easy, but something a little different.
What do you think of this hairstyle?
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things bloggers like to know

When it comes to blogging, I'll always do two things - make sure I'm blogging about something I believe in, and make sure I'm making my readers happy. So the best way to go about some things is to simply ask you - the people who read blogs the answers to the questions us bloggers need to know.  
1. When would you most likely start looking at christmas gift guides? (or how far in advance do you look for seasonal/festival content throughout the year?)
2. What time(s) of day are you most likely to read blog posts?
3. What's your favourite type of post to read? And your least?
4. Which social media site are you most likely to click through to a blog post from? And least likely?
5. How many times per week/day do you think is enough for a blogger to post?
6. What's your favourite type of photo background/setting?
7. What puts you off a blog? 
8. What extra features (i.e. Product Directory/Blogroll/Related Posts) do you find most useful on a blog?
9. Who is your favourite blogger(s)?
10. If you blog, what's your blog link?
I'd be so grateful for your responses in the comments below - even if you only answer one!
Are there any of these questions (or any of your own) you'd like me to answer?
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Monday, 22 September 2014

autumn leaves last but best playlist

As this month's going to be my last playlist post I thought I'd compile the ultimate list of my favourite artists and songs. There's a real mix of genres in there so hopefully something for everyone! Enjoy!
What are your all time favourite songs/artists?
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