Saturday, 31 January 2015

10 Blog Posts you Should Read About Blogging #5

Discover great blogging and social media tips in this regular series on my blog!
Blogging tutorials, tips and advice
Here's this edition's picks...
  1. Elle & Company - 4 Secrets for Exponential Blog Growth
  2. Buffer - 25 Questions to Help you Define your Social Media Marketing Strategy
  3. Kory Woodard - Why your Social Media isn't Growing
  4. Jenny Purr - Be more Intentional with What you Consume
  5. Quick Sprout - 7 Proactive Ways to get Backlinks that'll Actually Boost your Traffic
  6. Blog Genie - Daily, Weekly & Monthly Blogging Checklist
  7. Blog Clarity - 10 Inspiring Media Kits from Bloggers
  8. Rekita Nicole - JPEG vs PNG: When and How to use it
  9. Bloggers Bazaar - How Much to Charge for a Sponsored Post
  10. Julie Kieras - How to Turn Blog Posts into an eBook
Did you find any of the above useful? Have you read any useful posts this week? What have you posted about on your blog this week?  How often would you like to see these posts? Leave your answers in the comments below!
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Thursday, 29 January 2015

How to Make a Blogging Schedule that Works for You

How to stick to a blogging schedule is always one of my most asked questions whenever I ask you lovely lot, so today I thought I'd share my own blogging schedule and what works for me. 
Schedule organisation tips
As the end of January nears, I thought I'd share how I'm getting on with one of my resolutions so let's talk you through a week in my blogging shoes...

As of the beginning of this year, I post every other day and aim to alternate blogging and beauty/other posts to share my main passions equally. It's clear that the blogging posts go down better and as I enjoy them most, I think there will be a time that comes when they take over Autumn Leaves. When it comes to knowing what I'm posting, I rely heavily on my Personal Planner* for planning ahead posts and ensuring jobs get done. I always go through and put in any posts that are part of a series first, and plan approximately two months ahead with those. Any other posts I need to write at some point are kept jotted down in the back of the planner as lists to slot in when I can around my series. I don't initially fill up every space for the two months as things always change or new things arrive that I need to fit in, so another tip of mine is to have a pencil and eraser handy at all times, I only change to pen/highlighter once something is completed. Once something is set in stone, I note a mini social media checklist underneath to ensure I pin the post, share it on Google+ and tweet/email the brand/bloggers - as soon as I get home in the week, if a post has gone live that day, I'll tick off each of these things to get them out of the way. On each day, I also have a list of any of the Twitter Blogger Chats to try and remind me to take part in those! 

My planner not only has the days of the week laid out for me to write the daily jobs or posts, but it also has a "to do" section with a maximum of 5 spaces for fitting the jobs in whenever I can, with started and done tick boxes so I can always go back to them if necessary. I think one of the main points to help you to stick to your schedule is don't give yourself to much to do at once or it just becomes overwhelming. There's also a section to help me plan dinner's for the week which I think contributes to me sticking to a schedule as it means I'm not thinking about it in the evenings when I can be getting on with blog jobs!  

Weekends are when I get things done. Saturday's are always photography days where I make a list of photos that need to be taken for the following week, get round to actually taking them (Read: How To Take Good Blog Photos - My Photography Setup) and do all of the editing. If anything's not quite up to scratch, I then have the daylight of Sunday to retake until it's perfect. Sunday's are for replying to blog comments from the past week, scheduling tweets, commenting on others' blogs and fitting anything else in that I haven't got round to during the week. (Be sure to follow me on Twitter where I post a weekly reminder to my followers to do these things before the week is over!) I'll also plan ahead for the week after if there's a space that hasn't already been filled by a pre-planned post or part of a series. 

For me, I find it works to write the post the night before it's due to go up, that way I can put up the most up to date links and info. It's likely that I will have drafted it prior to this time so it's pretty easy to get things up and running. I'll also check emails and pin approximately 3 things (every other day) - I like my Pinterest to be updated regularly and have quality content. I now have all of the aforementioned things set as a routine that I find manageable, instead of being all over the place. While there is still plenty of room for improvement, I think it's helping me to head in the right direction to keep my blog and brand professional and organised. 

Do you have a blogging schedule? What techniques work for you? Are there any blogging posts you'd like to see me write? Leave your answers in the comments below, and don't forget to share the post if you found it useful!
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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

5 Tips to Help You Wash Your Hair Less Often

Hate the chore of washing your hair, but love beautifully clean locks? Read on to find my top 5 tips to keep your hair from getting greasy.
  1. Co-wash/reverse wash your hair, and use a clarifying shampoo fortnightly. I use the technique of reverse washing which involves simply conditioning your hair first, then shampooing - you'll find you can go an extra day without washing your hair than when you wash it normally. I'm currently using the Richard Ward Keratin Restore Conditioner and Shampoo which is a great duo for soft, manageable locks that are healthy and hydrated. I always have something like Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo too for a deep hair cleanse fortnightly to rid any build up - these always extend hair-wash free days. If you co-wash your hair (conditioner only) then I'd recommend using a clarifying shampoo weekly instead.
  2. Use a powdered dry shampoo like Bumble and Bumble Pret A Powder. Not only is this the best dry shampoo I've ever come across as it leaves hair looking naturally clean, but you hardly use any either making it fantastic value for money. Even if your hair is really desperate for a wash, using this means you can go one more day!
  3. Avoid touching your hair lots - I'm terrible for this, but the more you play with/style it, the greasier it becomes! Even when you put in dry shampoo, don't work it into the hair too much.
  4. Make sure your pillowcases are cleaned regularly. You put your head/hair on them everyday, which means you're putting dirt and product on them which all builds up. 
  5. Use warm water not hot to rinse. Hot water strips oils meaning your scalp replenishes them more quickly = greasy hair.
There are so many more tips to avoid this but I want to hand this over to you... What are your tips for washing your hair less often? How many of my tips do/don't you do? Which dry or clarifying shampoos do you recommend? Leave your answers in the comments below and don't forget to share the post if you found it useful!
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Sunday, 25 January 2015

My Photography Setup: Tips for Taking Good Blog Photos

Today's post is all about how to take good blog photos - discover my indoor product photography setup and the free online tool I use to edit them.
How To Take Good Photos

I've previously shown you My Blogging Equipment, but today I thought I'd show you my current setup as you may have noticed a change in my product photography lately. When it comes to Winter or night time blog photography, I recommend you read my post: The Perfect Winter Blog Photo Taking Tool but to find out about my daytime, indoor photography setup read on...
  1. I always make sure I'm near a window even if that means rearranging furniture to be closer to it... whether that be sitting on top of my Ikea Koppang Chest of 3 Drawers if I'm fitting in lots or larger products, or standing on a mini stepladder to be above my Ikea Alex Drawer Unit (I'm pretty short!). I've taken to making sure I bulk photograph as it is a lot of effort moving the furniture, but this is for the time being whilst I come up with a plan B! During the day I get a lot of natural light coming into the room, but no direct sunlight as it's at the back of the property. I also have a large mirrored Ikea Pax Wardrobe next to the window which reflects the light onto the products from the side/back angle making it the perfect place to get snapping.
  2. I always use my tripod too, even if I'm holding the camera to ensure things are kept still and focused. 
  3. Usually ISO will be around 200, or later in the day I'll switch to 700 for this location to make things brighter. I do tend to stick to P (Programmed Automatic) on my SLR camera for product photography as it manages the aperture and shutter speed for you making things quick and easy for when you've got to mass-photograph. 
  4. For keeping things in place, I couldn't recommend blu-tac more. I spend quite some time playing around with composition and taking test shots until I find something I'm happy with. I never delete photos from the camera as they always look different once on my MacBook!
  5. Once I've taken my photos, I'll head over to Fotor which is a great free, online tool for photo editing. I only tend to do a few minor adjustments including Curves, Contrast and Sharpness. As you can see in the below photos, it is easy to over-expose the images as my background is so white and has a sheen to it, so I'm currently looking at a few different options for a background to prevent this which will be probably something like a wallpaper sample or wrapping paper! Even so, I'm much happier with how my photos are now compared to how they were back when I started blogging. 
How do you take your blog photos? What software do you use to edit your photos? Do you have any tips to share? Leave your answers in the comments below and don't forget to share the post if you found it useful!
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Friday, 23 January 2015

Brands I Love: Tweezerman

Discover a bunch of Tweezerman reviews in today's post.
If there's one beauty tools brand you have to try, it's Tweezerman. With everything from brows to nails to lashes, they have you covered. Read on to find out just why I love them so much...
tweezerman, lashes, brows, nails,
So a few months ago I became a VIP ambassador for Tweezerman (reason #102945 being a blogger is amazing) which meant I was very, very lucky to receive a gift from the brand with so many of their products. I've used Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer since I started reading blogs about 6 years ago now and would never change to another brand, so receiving a parcel like this was incredibly exciting. My boyfriend and I absolutely adore the tweezers for their great design to make plucking those unwanted hairs quick, easy and pretty pain-free, and we were very happy to see the original Slant Tweezer included (finally he could have his own!), as well as the Silver Chic Holiday Set (as seen in my Christmas Gift Guide) which is perfect for me. The Classic Lash Curler (not pictured) inside that set is so gentle on the lashes as it curls that it doesn't feel like it's damaging like some cheaper alternatives do, making it a firm staple in my makeup bag. It was really good to see some spare curler pads in my gift, although after months of use I've not felt the need to change mine yet which is great. With that lash curler and the Folding Lashcomb, my eye make up is always a plus point for me. 

My brows have always been the one thing I'm really lazy with, with only a quick pluck from time to time. But now I'm equipped with all the tools in my arsenal to ensure that doesn't happen again (well, as often!). There's the Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush which are brilliant for getting rid of those unruly hairs, Point Tweezer for those seriously tiny hairs, Browmousse for keeping things in place and those tweezers I talked about earlier, meaning that precise taming can be completed with ease.
As I'm a total gel-nails addict nowadays, making sure my nails are in tip top condition for applying it has to be done. Thankfully Tweezerman had me covered there when it was time to replace all of my old manicure sets. They provided me with the Grip and Snip Spring Cuticle Nipper which is one of my favourite things ever (hello instantly longer appearing nails!), the Combo Clipper Set which is ideal for the differing size nails, Pushy and Nail Cleaner (not pictured) which gets used so often thanks to my job (thanks messy play), Neon Filemate for getting the perfect shape (always slightly rounded) and the File, Buff and Shine for creating the perfect surface for the gel mani. 

I'll be totally honest, I didn't even really know that Tweezerman did much more than just tweezers but I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to try out so much more that they do have to offer. There's still so  many more products available, but I'd definitely say that the kit I have contains staples to anyones' beauty bag. From everything I've tried, I've found it high quality designed and totally justifying the retail prices for how well they get the job done.
Have you ever tried anything from Tweezerman? Do you have a favourite brand for your beauty tools? Are there any tools you're missing from your beauty bag? Leave your answers in the comments below and don't forget to share the post if you liked it! 
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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

12 Useful Sites for New and Established Bloggers #8

Discover great blogging tips and useful resources for bloggers in this series on my blog!
Blogging Tips
Here's this editions' picks...
  1. Blogging On The Side - Covers blogging tips, monetising, SEO, social media, time management and more.
  2. Blog Clarity - Provides blogging resources, e-courses, social media tips, blog design and more.
  3. Blogelina - Covers increasing traffic, making money blogging, SEO, time management, tutorials, social media, blog design, an online blogging class and more.
  4. Blog Genie - A blog school with great resources and loads of great blogging tips posts.
  5. The Blog Stylist - Find cheat sheets, courses, tools, resources, glossary, themes and more. 
  6. Creative Commons - Free stock photos for anything you can possibly think of to use on your blog! Be a little careful though as some images have some rights reserved. 
  7. Keyword Tool - Type in a keyword and it will come up with loads of suggestions of blog post titles and popular keyword phrases that you can use throughout your posts. 
  8. He Calls Me Grace - The Ultimate Blog Resource Library - Just head on over there, she covers EVERYTHING. It's all organised into categories and will point you in the right direction for anything blog related you're looking for.
  9. W3 Schools - Learn all sorts of coding with this website. 
  10. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes - If you don't take enough time off during the day, hop on over to this website throughout the day to take your mind off everything and totally relax you. It fails and resets the timer as soon as your touch your keyboard/mouse to encourage you to really stop for a couple of minutes... perfect for bloggers who rarely stop!
  11. RescueTime - Are you a real procrastinator? Do you spend too much time on one thing? Download this free program (the Lite version) onto your computer so that it can track exactly what you're spending your time on. Set goals and track your progress - it even says "total productive time" and "today distracted time" to give you a kick up the bum! 
  12. Monitor Backlinks -Ever wondered how many people have linked back to your blog, and how many are good/bad? This is a really great tool to find out exactly who has included a link back to your blog or posts. You just type in your URL (or someone else's!) and you'll be provided with the full list of how many links and from how many sources. The website also has other features including a HTTP Header Status and a blog all about SEO that you'll want to read. 
Have you used any of these sites before? Have I introduced you to any new ones? Can you recommend me sites that you've used for blogging/social media/branding tips? Leave your answers in the comments below and don't forget to share the post if you found it useful!
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Monday, 19 January 2015

Review: MeMeMe Arch Angel, Fallen Angel, Cheek and Lip Tint

Read my reviews of three products from MeMeMe you just have to try: MeMeMe Cheek and Lip Tint* (£5.50), MeMeMe Arch Angel* (£8.50) and MeMeMe Fallen Angel* (£8.50).

I definitely think MeMeMe is an underestimated brand. While I'm not always particularly drawn to their products, once they're in my hands I'm nearly always a big fan and today I'm here to tell you why you need to try the three latest ones to be added to my collection...

Whilst we're still most definitely in Winter here in England, I'm feeling Spring-ready with these beautiful cheek and lip tints. Available in three shades, I've most definitely got the ones for me in the form of rosy toned Cupid's Kiss and peachy pigmented Coral Blossom. On the cheeks, they're incredibly blendable either with fingers or a brush, with an almost watercolour formula that provides plenty of colour whilst looking fresh and radiant too. Often with these sorts of products, they'll emphasise pores or dry areas of the cheeks by clinging or being patchy, but you definitely won't find that with these. The formula definitely helps them to stick around throughout the day, and you won't find yourself struggling to remove a horrible stain either. Totally purse friendly, I wouldn't blame you for adding all three to your basket!

Brows are slowly becoming more of an interest to me after years' of treating them badly, so Arch Angel was a welcome addition. Available in two shades, I've definitely found Light Brown suitable for my fairer hair/skin. With a short wand that is comparable to Benefit Gimme Brow for a fraction of the price, the tinted brow gel deposits colour evenly and shapes the hairs with ease. It's not too harsh, but really helps to tame them into place and secure them for hours upon end. You can pretty much get away with using this by itself and compliment it with the cream highlighter end to lift the brows. There's no heavy shimmer, just pure glow. I tend to dab a spot onto the brow bone and blend out with my ring finger, then use it on other high points of the face too.

Then finally, you've got the liquid eyeliner and mascara duo that has taken over my makeup bag. A jet black, yet brightening mascara that creates plenty of volume is at one end with it's fairly wet, but non-smudgey formula. It dries down pretty quickly and actually has a fairly small wand area making it ideal for lower lashes too. At the other end you'll find a liquid liner that although if your hand is a little shaky, you may find a bit tough to control, you'll still be impressed by the high pigmentation and long lasting formula. The liner brush is thin enough to keep it day-appropriate and the non-transfer finish gets a thumbs up from me. 

Have you ever tried anything from MeMeMe? If so, what did you think? Do any of these products tempt you? Leave your answers in the comments below and don't forget to share the post if you found it useful! 
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Saturday, 17 January 2015

10 Pinterest Boards you Should Follow for the Best Blogging Tips

Pinterest is my favourite place to discover blogging tips and learn how to make my blog better. It's a fantastic resource library, as well as a useful tool for getting inspired. While I'm still learning how to use it to its' full potential, I have previously written a post on How to Get the Most out of Pinterest as a Blogger. Make sure you're also following my board: Blogging Tips & Tutorials for ways on how you can use it best. 
Blogging Tips
To get you rolling, for todays' post I'm offering up some of my favourite Pinterest boards for you to follow for a bunch of blogging tips! 
  1. Blogging by Shannon Bray - Shannon not only has a great blogging board, but she covers absolutely everything else too, from fashion to travel to food to design. The reason I love her board so much is because she pins/repins articles that are useful for when you're wanting to move your blog forward and when you're reflecting on what you can do to improve it. She covers the design, photography, social media, monetising, content writing elements and more.
  2. Blogging by Zoe Louise - Zoe writes one of my favourite blogs, Sweet Electric but is also a fantastic person to follow on Pinterest. She pins/repins from blogging to beauty to bicycles to building a fort. She too is at the stage where she's looking for articles that will build her blog so here you'll find a lot on Search Engine Optimisation, social media tricks, monetising and branding, plus of course lots more useful reads.
  3. Blog Tips by Becky Bedbug - Becky has some really stunning home interior boards, but her blog tips board is the one for me. On her board you'll find a lot of great posts that aren't necessarily about the content side of things, but instead you'll discover hints for creating your blog as a brand and all of those extra things bloggers' have to do when they're not actually writing posts. 
  4. Photography Tips & Tricks by Ness - Ness' Pinterest is one that all parents/carers/those who work in schools should follow as I find it an incredible source of inspiration for my real job of being an SEN Teaching Assistant. I don't follow many photography boards, but this is one that you really must. There's ideas for DIY camera storage and lightbox set ups, examples of how different settings work and in different situations, cheat sheets and more with tips for total beginners and advanced photographers too. 
  5. Web / Blog Resources by Amy Lou - I don't think there will be a board on Amy's account that you don't follow as they're all wonderful, but her blog resources board is brilliant. Here you'll find free printables to help you get and stay organised, a whole range of fonts and design resources, plus ways to improve your blog and social media traffic. 
  6. Blog Tips by Noor - Noor's board is where you'll find a lot of "how to"'s for beginners and those building a blog as a brand or business. There are tips for writing better blog posts, being more efficient and on how to be more inspired. 
  7. Social Media by Allyssa Barnes - Allyssa's blog is one that I read religiously and I'm also following lots of her boards too. I really like her social media board in particular as it's not one that is absolutely full of info graphics - as great as these sometimes are, whole boards can be overwhelming. Allyssa's board covers the main platforms that I use and has content that differs from your usual tips you often find about these. 
  8. Cool Infographics by Jeff Bullas - So slightly contradicting myself here, but Jeffs' infographics group board is the only one I follow like it. He is the king of blogging tips, social media and branding, and has everything clearly organised in the boards. While I could have quite easily included him throughout this list, I've picked this one as it's not just the same sorts of info graphics you see all over Pinterest, it's the ultimate guide - covering everything about social media stats and more. 
  9. Blogging and Social Media by Homeschool Encouragement - If you only follow one board from this entire list, make it this one. To me, this covers everyones' put together and I could spend days, weeks and probably months going through the fantastic content that is pinned/re-pinned onto this board. There is a lot of posts within this board so you might find it overwhelming, but anything blogging/social media/branding wise you could possibly think of will be in here somewhere. 
  10. Blog Design by The SITS Girls - This isn't just a board full of fonts or free resources, here you'll find hints on how to make a design that your readers will like and remember, how to's and more. They also have some more useful boards for bloggers, and their website is a great read to co-inside too. 
Did you follow any of the boards I included? Who should I be following on Pinterest for blogging tips? Other than Pinterest, where are your favourite places to discover blogging tips? Leave your answers in the comments below!
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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Question and Answer #6

Want to know more about the writer of Autumn Leaves? What about my top blogging tips? Read on to find out the answers to your questions!
Here's the sixth edition...
  1. @Miaegan: What made you interested in makeup? - I guess you could say I've always had an interest in make up even though my mum never wore much of it, but it wasn't until I started reading blogs about 5 years ago that I really started to expand my beauty knowledge and put to the test different brands. Since then I've come across so many different brands and products, and I've been lucky enough to try new releases and even shades that I'd never have picked up before. I just find it so interesting how different products appear on different people - how they make people feel, how they can completely transform someone, and how they can be one persons' holy grail and another's most disappointing. I think nowadays, I'm more into application techniques and learning about what is best suited to me, whereas in the past I was very much about seeing it and wanting it because it was pretty or new. I now only buy products that I'm really desperate to try - this means I often purchase more expensive products because I'm buying them less often, if that makes sense?! 
  2. @Caseychieri: Why do you wear makeup? - Make up makes me feel more confident and can also disguise feelings. If you've had a lack of sleep then you opt for products that will make your skin look more radiant, if you're unhappy then you opt for a bold/bright lipstick... or at least, I do. I will go out of the house without it, I just have to give my lashes a quick curl and my brows a quick comb before I do! 
  3. @Smallthingwithlove: What keeps you motivated? I think I've always had a need to receive praise - it's reassurance really as I am fairly anxious about things, so whenever I receive a nice comment or tweet, that certainly motivates me more to put out good content. I love knowing that what I've written or produced has helped someone or inspired them. I also think the fact that I follow a select few blogs that are all really high quality helps as I look to them for how I can keep building my blog. I couldn't be without Pinterest too! As long as I'm not piling on the pressure, but I'm slowly making progress I will be motivated. 
  4. @Kellypalmer: I didn't realise you also had a full time job, how do you have time for a life too?! In all honesty, 2014 went two ways - at one point I was blogging so much that everything around me was suffering, I've never been a really sociable person anyway but I would have always chosen to stay at home and do something blog-wise over going out. Then there was the end of the year, where I hardly blogged at all and my boyfriend was encouraging me to do so. It's really hard to balance things, but I think I'm in a good place now and am finding what works for me which is currently blogging every other day, and doing short simple tasks in between. I think it's important to remember that those around you would want to support you with your blog stuff, but there will always be a point where you have to realise you need to switch off from it. 
  5. @Missbeccabeauty: If you could change or improve one thing about your blog what would it be and why? I'm working on it but I'd love to be more consistent on social media and building my blog as a brand. I've cut down my platforms to just Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ so that I can really focus on putting out good content that people would want to follow. I have Instagram but am only using it occasionally for the moment. I don't think I'd ever want to be a person that everyone knew, but I do want to make a name for myself within a small community so that people know to come to me for certain things. My blog needs a new header too to compliment the new design.
  6. @M0ll13m00: What are your top tips for blog design? I am seeing more and more people with the same style of blog designs lately, but I do think it's important to have something that makes yours stand out - whether that be a header/logo that you use throughout your blog/social media, or a consistent theme to your blog photos. Always opt for large, well lit photos that are in focus- but not too many of them. Make sure your sidebar isn't cluttered either and that your contact/follow details are one of the first things people can find. I'd also recommend no more than 3 different font types on your page and short but descriptive titles.
  7. (Blog Survey): What's your current skincare routine? It's really simple but works brilliantly for me - Clarins Cleansing Milk for Combination/Oily Skin as it's super gentle and creamy which is perfect for the colder months, followed by the Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil and Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser with Neroli - both of which you'll find reviewed here
  8. (Blog Survey): What do you recommend to improve blogging skills? Make sure you're on Pinterest as you'll find so many useful articles on how to do this (I recommend following my Blogging Tips & Tutorials board), and talking to other bloggers too. Take free e-courses and webinars, listen to free podcasts and read blogging books. There is always something to learn, no matter how long you've been blogging. Just implement things slowly and prioritise. 
  9. (Blog Survey): What are your must have products? Here's my post all about it, Read: 20 Beauty Products To Try In 2015!
  10. (Blog Survey): What's your best advice to new bloggers? Go in with a unique approach - not looking at what other bloggers do. Yes beauty blogs are popular now, but is that really what you're interested in? Be professional from the start too, don't rush content, don't beg for products, and don't be afraid to ask questions to other bloggers.
  11. (Blog Survey): Do you plan your posts? Yes and no. I have a list of post ideas which I slot in wherever I can, but I plan when posts that are sponsored or contain PR samples are going to go up. Some nights I'll feel like saying "I want to write about X & Y for tomorrow's post" and sometimes I won't have a clue but I'll go with whatever I've got photographed at the time.
  12. (Blog Survey): What camera do you use? I use the Canon 600D with the 18-55mm kit lens or the 75-300mm f/4.0-5.6 III lens. About to purchase the 50mm f/1.8 II lens. Read: My Blogging Equipment
  13. (Blog Survey): How do you maintain consistency when blogging? Always have some sort of plan, but never push yourself to do to much. The more you try to do quickly, the more you'll fail. Set things quite low, like how many blog posts you're going to put up each week or month, because if you can post more then it's always better but if you can't then you don't have to worry.
  14. (Blog Survey): How did you get such a large following so quickly? The answer is, I didn't. I've been blogging for 4 years now. I deleted the first 2 years worth of posts as they were horrendous, all over the place and so badly photographed. Autumn Leaves hasn't always been called that, it hasn't always been about beauty/blogging and definitely used to just be a place where I'd sit and write whatever I felt like. My blog is growing slowly, but I'd rather that happen than have a surge of followers that weren't loyal. 
  15. (Blog Survey): Do you ever feel super stressed by blogging and consider taking a break for a few weeks? Yes! I did this before christmas and I've come back really motivated and organised. You just burn out if you don't take a break, and stress isn't good for anything - your health, your skin or for those around you. Never feel guilty for taking a break, and don't ever feel like that you have to explain yourself. 
  16. (Blog Survey): Would you ever consider doing more lifestyle type posts? Definitely. I have a few planned to go in between beauty and blogging posts. I love music, travel, food and especially home decor - I'd love to be able to do a mix of these things on Autumn Leaves.
  17. @The_ting_thing: What's your favourite thing about blogging/the blogging community? Blogging is so much different to other media, it's honest and it's unique. While magazines get paid a fortune to say how good a product is, with bloggers you'll get the reality - the pros and cons. It's the first time I've ever felt a part of anything really exciting. Bloggers have things in common and they have different perspectives too, I just find it fascinating.
  18. @The_ting_thing: If you could design any beauty product what would it be and why? Mine would probably be a powdered blush, I'd love to design one with an embossed pattern that everyone swoons over!
Do you have any questions for the next instalment of this series? What would be your answers to these questions? Do you like Q&A posts? Leave your answers in the comments below.
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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Current Wishlist Bargains from TheWorks

See my current wishlist of books, homeware and miscellaneous items from Not the first place that comes to mind to me for anything other than bargain books, I've been spending a bit of time on the website lately and have discovered some other great things that I definitely want to get my hands on!
  1. The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible (£5.99) - Everytime I've ever stepped foot into TheWorks I've picked this up, flicked through and put it back on the shelf. I don't know why as its' usual retail price is £19.99 (which I usually pay anyway)! I'm not one for only wanting 'natural' products as the term is thrown around so much in the beauty industry, but this book contains home made treatments and guidance on natural products making it move onto my wish list. 
  2. HoMedics Massaging Bath Cushion (£19.99) - When I realised that this actually retails for £79.99, it immediately went on my wish list to buy from I'm a regular bath-taker and have also discovered a love for massages, so combine the two along with my usual candle additions and one of the books from this post and I'll be all set for a therapeutic evening routine. It's completely waterproof and has three intensities so my back/neck could finally relax!
  3. How To Blog Made Easy (£5.99) - I'm no newbie when it comes to blogging, I've been doing it for years now but I'm still intrigued by any book about blogging. This one apparently contains useful links and resources which I'm always on the hunt for, plus I'm sure it'll have some tips that other books have forgotten. 
  4. Home Sweet Home Door Mat (£3.99) - We've been meaning to pick up a door mat for a while and this one is really sweet, plus it's really affordable too! 
  5. The Beginners Digital Photography Guide (£6.99) - Again this is another book that I've picked up and put back. I've seen it in more expensive bookstores, as well as some discount stores too but this is the cheapest I've found it. I'm definitely not a total beginner as I've had an SLR camera for 8+ years, but I'm still no expert and always forget things.
  6. Cath Kidston Sewing Book (£15.99) - I've made it a bit of a personal mission to learn to sew this year. I guess I know the basics, but who better to turn to than the queen of fabric herself, Cath Kidston. 
  7. Dual LED Reading Light (£2.99) - Up until recently, the only place I would ever read a book is in the bath, but lately I'm finding myself tucked up on the sofa with a blanket, book in hand... until the boyfriend turns out the light, so this little addition would be a big help! 
  8. Vintage Floral Under Bed Storage Box (£6.99) - I know if it's going under your bed it doesn't have to be pretty, but I love the pattern on this box. Recently one of my boxes similar to this got ruined by leaking products so it would be great to have a few of these to neatly tuck things away again. 
  9. Maoam Joystixx (£1) - Because I've got a seriously sweet tooth. I had way too much chocolate and way too many biscuits over christmas, but all I want now is sweets and these are some of my all time favourites! Surely I'm not the only one who picks up a packet of sweets in a store you wouldn't plan on buying them from?!
What do you think to my wish list picks? Have you recently bought anything from TheWorks? What would you buy from their website? Leave your answers in the comments below! 
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