Sunday, 22 December 2013

the past seven days #1

Although Instagram posts came to an end on my blog over a year and a half ago, when I asked on Twitter a few people said they'd actually quite like to see what I get up to other than blogging. So I'm going to make it a new years resolution to let you into my life a little more, maybe not every week though!

Doing: Harvester Christmas Meal with work, nice but it didn't compare to my dads' | My boyfriend and I before a night out with friends to the casino; at the roulette table | Pups tried on his new christmas outfit, but it was too small so had to just wear it around the front! | I pulled out all of the products to photograph for my 'best of 2013' beauty posts | I got to open some presents early from my two best friends, they got me some amazing gifts! | The Asda christmas crumpets didn't live up to the excitement | Autumn Leaves has had a bit of a makeover, although I'm not sure what I think | My best friend came round with McDonalds and the One Direction movie | Bath time favourites including a christmas Yankee candle and Origins Ginger Float | A naughty Dominos pizza last weekend with the boyfriend | Pups came round to stay and made himself very at home, I miss living with him :(

Enjoying: #MyLittleSkincareProject - Combination Skin product reviews (here) by Sophia at Tattooed TeaLady blog. I love skincare most at the minute and these posts have been teaching me new things and introducing me to some products that are suited to my skin type.

Wanting: Sleek Garden of Eden palette after seeing swatches (here) by Adrienne at The Sunday Girl blog. I've become a palette addict and have a huge list of them that I'm wanting right now, especially eyeshadow ones! It's not out until the 15th January but that happens to be my payday and this is one reasonably priced palette ;)
Listening: Michael Buble - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (listen here) and Leona Lewis - One More Sleep (listen here). I'm not a fan of christmas songs but both of these have been getting me in the festive spirit. 

Reading: Blog Inc by Joy Deangdeelert Cho (buy it here). I've finally finished it and really found the last few chapters most helpful as I've been blogging for quite a while. It was really interesting to read about the business side of things and everything you need to take into consideration should you wish to turn blogging into your full time job. I'd recommend this book especially for new bloggers as it gives a good insight into how to set up your blog, technical terms you might come across, and tips for promoting your blog without spamming others. 

Playing: Match Dots on my iPhone (buy it here), I'm on level 79 and sit and play it for ages! It's a free app where you draw lines between coloured dots that are the same, but there's targets you need to meet in order to collect stars and move onto the next group of levels such as achieving a certain score in so many moves all collecting all of the colours. 

Burning: Yankee Candle in Cranberry Zest (buy it here), a christmassy scent that's been making my flat feel warm and cosy whilst watching numerous christmas films (and Harry Potter's). 

What have you been doing in the run up to christmas?
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  1. Natasha Kembrey22 December 2013 21:55

    Cute pics, you got one of the Christmas tree crumpets! X

  2. The asda crumpets look so cute, shame they didn't live up to expectations!

    Jade | The Beauty Butterfly

  3. emilylikesmakeup23 December 2013 12:54

    That Christmas meal looks so good, but home cooking always wins!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog



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