Thursday, 19 December 2013

review: denman d6 brights be-bop shower brush

Denman D6 Brights Be-Bop Shower Brush - £3.50*

If you only buy one thing for yourself between now and christmas, make it this. Literally for me it was love at first use. I've been thinking for ages how much I need a brush that won't go funny in the shower, and luckily for me the press release for this came into my inbox (Denman are celebrating it's 75th year as a brand!). This shower brush makes brushing through wet hair a total dream, and it can also be used for massaging the scalp when washing your hair (do it, best feeling ever!). This stimulates circulation = makes your hair grow better: healthier and stronger. Although I opted for the neon pink (so that it goes with some items in my bathroom), it's available in a variety of colours for women and men. It's really easy to hold and slides through locks easier than I've ever experienced before. The actual design has been around for over 60 years, and is incredible considering the really inexpensive cost. I would definitely pay more for something like this as it doesn't feel cheap and the plastic pins don't feel weak at all. 

Have you tried a shower brush?

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  1. My boyfriend had one of these from the barbers and he LOVED it, but I never knew they did womans ones! Defo gonna look into it!! x

  2. You're on a role in the hair bursh world atm!


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